Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 ( Dimensions: 205-225 x 130 x 31 cm DMC: 750 KG ) [GN064]

  Price (with TAX): 2030.00 PLN
  Net price: 1650.41 PLN
  Availability: 2 products available
  Condition: New product
  Internal code: GN064
  PGW: 750 KG
  Weight of the trailer: 117 KG
  Capacity: 633 KG
  Dimensions: 205-225 x 130 x 31 cm
  Number of axles: 1x750
  Wheel size: 155/70 R13
  Spring/Damper: No
  Overrun brake: No
  Warranty: Yes
  Tilting: Tipper trailer

Description Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 [GN064] ( Dimensions: 205-225 x 130 x 31 cm DMC: 750 KG )

Do you need a lightweight car trailer for transporting motorcycles? The presented model belongs to the range of specialist trailers and has been adapted to transport two motorbikes, therefore it is standard equipped with two transport gutters with integrated rollbars for attaching the front wheel of the motorcycle and one overhead gantry, enabling the introduction of a two-wheeler on the platform. The standardly mounted plastic mudguards on the wheels protect the transported vehicle from splashing during transport.

Neptun Moto N6-220 pm2 motorcycle trailer has a hinged loading platform and an access ramp, allowing easy loading and unloading of the motorcycle. In order to protect the transported cargo - scooter, motorcycle - the Moto trailer has belt fastening handles. Independent suspension, rubber axle elements and low suspension frame ensure safe and stable driving. What each Neptun car trailer, also has multifunction lamps in a steel casing, thanks to which they are protected against mechanical damage.

Its equivalent is a trailer with three transport girders called Neptun N7-221 pm3 [N202] Motorcycle Trailer. In addition, a list of accessories was assigned to each motorcycle trailer. Some of them are a standard piece of equipment, while some of them can be purchased in case of wear.

Every customer who decides to buy a new car trailer, receives a ready product for registration together with a set of required documents in the Communication Department in order to receive a vehicle registration certificate with a board - purchase document (invoice), 2-year warranty, vehicle's service manual and homologation EU producer. In addition, in the article Trailer registration in the communication department from A to Z - available on the Blog - the registration and insurance process for the new car trailer has been described in detail. Remember that in Poland the trailer should be insured on the same day as registration at the office.

Among the broad and customized range of Neptun car trailers you can distinguish between several types that are created as recreational vehicles or for professional use. The most characteristic light vehicles for everyone are trailers with steel boards. In a wide range you will also find trailers with wheels hidden under the body (NORDICA) or trailers with plywood boards (TRAILWOOD). For the transport of larger machines or medium-sized mini vehicles, universal platform trailers (MULTI) will be used. Among the trailers available in the offer of the store there are also trailers for transporting motorcycles (MOTO) and for transporting boats (NAVY). Neptun car trailers are distributed throughout Europe, including Poland in the stationary store in Przygon in the Lodz region. Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2

Accessories Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2

For each new Neptun car trailer, that can be bought at the PrzyczepyMarter Store in Poland, a number of additional accessories are available to buy. All prices include TAX (gross price). Selected accessories are available on request. Currently, the mail and online order sales of car trailer accessories are not carried out.
AU059:   12 PLN
AU090:   52 PLN
AU121:   58 PLN
GA171:   120 PLN
GA173:   61 PLN
GA227M:   68 PLN
GA371:   74 PLN
GZ552:   121 PLN
KK014:   196 PLN
KM002:   51 PLN
KM006:   36 PLN
OK002:   12 PLN
Warranty conditions for Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 in the certificate issued by Sorelpol Sp. z o.o., the manufacturer of Neptun trailers.
Private person
24 months
12 months
1. Manufacturer Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 provides the buyer with a smooth operation of the product when used as intended, under normal conditions of use and subject to the user's instructions provided by the PrzyczepyMarter shop for the buyer of the goods trailer.
2. The guarantee is granted for a period of 24 months from the day the product is sold to the end-user, while the proof of guarantee is a receipt and a completed warranty card.
3. Warranty Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 and accessories covers legal and physical defects, errors in the material, design errors and errors during processing and apply only to original parts of Sorelpol and its suppliers.
4. If during the warranty period Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 there will be a 3-time failure of the same main trailer sub-assembly: chassis (trailer frame or trailer floor), axle, drawbar or side, the user may request the whole trailer to be replaced or withdraw from the sales contract (money back). Sorelpol undertakes to meet these demands.
5. All metal elements Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 , in addition to the axes of some models, they are covered with a zinc coating applied by a bath or electro galvanic method. The main purpose is protection against corrosion Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 . A characteristic feature of zinc contained in the anti-corrosion coating is its slow reaction lasting up to several months with the oxygen contained in the air. The symptom of the reaction is matting of the coating. This is not a disadvantage Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 ( Dimensions: 205-225 x 130 x 31 cm DMC: 750 KG ) [GN064 ] but the result of its natural oxidation. Zinc contained in the anti-corrosion coating does not have resistance to acids and salts and some chemicals. Corrosion of zinc, so-called White corrosion is a factor that only affects the deterioration of aesthetics, anti-corrosive properties do not deteriorate. The white corrosion occurring to a small extent is not subject to complaint. Pitting of corrosion, intense stains and other symptoms of salt and acid influence on the zinc coating are also not subject to complaint. To avoid adverse effects of salt, especially in winter, follow the simple maintenance rules in the operating instructions.
6. Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2 is not covered by the warranty:
- natural consumption of materials: tires, bulbs, bearings, etc.
- damage caused by overloading the trailer;
- damage caused by exceeding the permissible speed;
- damage caused by users inconsistent with the instruction manual ;
- damages resulting from making independent alterations or changes;
- damages resulting from the use of non-original parts;
- the right to reimbursement of replacement trailer costs;
- claim for lost profits caused by the trailer's malfunction, damage to the vehicle pulling the caravan and other vehicles; Motorcycle Trailer Neptun N6-220 pm2
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