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Neptun Car Trailers - Authorized Dealer Poland - Automotive Shop in Lodz (Poland)

Automotive Shop PrzyczepyMarter is an authorized distributor and dealer of car trailers by Neptun, Sorelpol produced by Sorelpol Sp. z o.o. with the main office in Warsaw. In the shopping center in the central part of the Lodzkie Voivodship there is a whole range of light and heavy uniaxial and biaxial car trailers with very different characteristics adapted to everyday work with heavy and bulky goods. The blog and at the same time the store was developed for the needs of customers looking for a good and cheap car trailer. The website about trailers, cars and caravans contains a wide range of practical information published in various online news.

From year to year, the offer of the Automotive Shop of PrzyczepyMarter in the town of Przygoń (municipality of Dobroń) at 3 Łąkowa Street, located in the central part of the Lodz region, less than 5 km from the center of Łask, is expanded to include more products adapted to the needs of motorized customers. The store's offer includes mainly new Neptun car trailers - single-axle and two-axle - light 750kg dmc and 1300kg heavy dmc together with parts for them (tarpaulins, supports, spare wheels, hook and side locks) , mesh extensions) and the possibility of ordering various accessories for each light and heavy trailer. All models of trailers for passenger cars have been designed for the needs of demanding users and can be used for various applications - home and in the company. Those interested in purchasing a freight trailer for passenger cars can choose models from a wide range of light vehicles, from small goods trailers from the urban category, to large box trailers with tipping (tilting) for transporting large goods, equipped with overrun brake and payload similar to 1 ton. The offer was also diversified with special trailers for transporting motorcycles, boats (boat trailers) and low-floor platform trailers.

According to the definition of the term Trailer, in the public Wikipedia knowledge base, it is a vehicle designed to move on the road and being hauled by another transport vehicle and ultimately used to transport various goods. There is a distinction between central axle trailers (1 axle, 2 axle called tandems, less often three axles) and with a turntable, i.e. a torsional drawbar (two or three axles). Light trailers for passenger cars have no brakes, heavier ones are equipped with an overrun brake, while trailers for lorries have a pneumatic braking system. According to the Road Traffic Law Act, three types of trailers are distinguished: art. 2 point 50 - trailer - a vehicle without a motor, adapted to connect it with another vehicle; Art. 2 point 51 - light trailer - a trailer whose permissible maximum weight does not exceed 750 kg; Art. 2 point 52 - semitrailer - a trailer, part of which rests on the motor vehicle and loads this vehicle. No distinction is made between the rights to drive vehicles with the trailer and the number of axles in the trailer.

A car and trailer.. Further Wikipedia in the field of car trailers provides: The registration document of a vehicle equipped with a tow bar can contain information about the limit weights of a trailer towed with or not fitted with an overrun brake. In order to answer the question of whether a given person can drive a given set of vehicles, it is necessary to examine the objections concerning the driving license and the masses jointly, because they may turn out to be unfulfilled. A category B license holder can pull a light trailer (Article 6 paragraph 1 point 6 letter b ukp). It may also pull a trailer other than a light one, as long as the maximum authorized vehicle combination does not exceed 4.25 t, but only after passing the additional practical test, without passing the DMC exam the set of vehicles may be up to 3.5 t (Article 6 paragraph 1 point 6 letter c, paragraph 2, ukp). A person holding a B + E category driving license may tow a trailer if its permissible gross weight does not exceed 3.5 t (Article 6 paragraph 1 item 12 of the Code of Laws). In addition, according to art. 62 par. 1 current actual total trailer mass can not be greater than the actual vehicle mass - if the maximum permissible vehicle mass does not exceed 3.5t. This could happen, for example, in a situation where an empty vehicle with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3 t, but its own mass of 1.5 t would haul a loaded truck with a real weight of 2 tons. However, according to art. 62 par. 2 current - in the case of hauling by a truck with a dmc above 3.5 t - the actual trailer weight can not be more than 140% of the actual weight of the car.

Practical and functional car trailers Neptun Pratik is a range of vehicles available for purchase, which has been adapted to carry goods during construction works, home furnishings or removals. They can also be used in company transports, sports trips or travels. In short, these are trailers for everyday needs. High rigidity and durability of the structure are ensured by cold-pressed stringers of the U-section frame and two lateral beams routed under the load box. Two models - N7-202 ptd and N7-202 pts trailers have additional profiles in the drawbar that reach to the rear of the trailer, reinforcing the floor. The tangential shaft with reinforcement, independent suspension and axle rubber elements ensure safe and stable driving. As with most Neptun car trailers, the Pratik trailer range has been manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet. Sheet profiling provides high stiffness, impact resistance and also affects the aesthetics of the vehicle. Attachments for fixing the tarpaulin, both flat and high (on the frame) are standard equipment for Neptun trailers. A list of all additional parts and accessories can be found on the product sheets of the individual models.

Another category of car trailers, which are very popular among customers are modern semi-professional trailers Neptun from the Rustik range, which will find a variety of applications, especially for transporting large goods during renovations, construction works, transporting goods in the company or daily work gardening at home. They are semi-professional trailers with rigid and durable construction. High strength of the construction is ensured by a fully welded frame and drawbar, cold-drawn U-rails of the U-frame and its transverse beams. Rustik trailers have opened front side and removable side boards. Thanks to this, the user will receive a flat platform for transporting long or wide objects. Strong and functional sides are made of profiled galvanized steel sheet with a height of 40 cm.

All trailers from the Rustik, Pro and Trailwood range have belt holders for securing loads in the corners of the box. They are mounted to the floor and to the welded frame, which makes it possible to secure the load much better. Multifunctional lamps are mounted inside the rear beam and under the rear side, which is protected against damage, moisture and mud. The cable connectors are protected in the best possible way and ensure long-term, maintenance-free operation. All models in the Rustik range have a tilting load box, thanks to which the load is easy to remove from the trailer. Stubbornness also makes it easier to enter, for example, wheeled vehicles into the load box.

Noteworthy are trailers from the Nordica category with an extremely large cargo space due to the fact that the wheels have been hidden under the load box. In these trailers, all four sides can be quickly opened or dismounted along with the posts. The two-axle Nordcia is a perfect solution for transporting pallets and other loads loaded with a forklift truck and from all four sides of the trailer - not only from the rear. In addition, by adding additional full or mesh sides to the trailer, you can use this car trailer for transporting materials or large volume, such as, for example, bio-waste. The side panels are double in their upper half, thanks to which the sides are stiffer and stronger. In addition, Nordica is equipped with a double locking system in each corner. This is another feature of the trailer for professional and frequent use.

Boat trailers with adjustable length for boat transport (from 8 to 20 feet). The horizontal rear rollers in N7-17 and N13-20 placed on the cradle enable smooth sliding of the boat from the trailer or pulling it onto the trailer. The risk of boat damage is negligible. Trailers are normally equipped with a winch with a load capacity of 450 kg or 1100 kg and other accessories. All types of boat trailers have a demountable rear beam to allow it to enter the water reservoir without compromising the electrical installation for contact with water. The motorcycle trailer series was created for the transport of motorcycles. Trailers have lashing strap holders for protection during transport. The rails have sliding brackets - locks to secure the front wheels of the vehicle. Tilting platform and loading gutter allow easy loading and unloading of the motorcycle.

The offer of the automotive store PrzyczepyMarter also includes, in addition to the trailers themselves, a range of spare parts available on-site and on request. The daily use of light goods trailers means that after some time you may need to replace individual construction elements. There are all kinds of Aspock Flexpoint marker lamps, white and orange reflectors, rear unit lamps for Unitrailer trailers (right + left). In addition, the offer includes bundles for light trailers with electrical installation and a 7-pin connector, which are mounted universally. Al-Ko fenders for trailers with 13-gauge wheels as well as fenders for tandem trailers, rubber mud flaps to protect against vehicle dirt from the rear are standard on the stock. If you want to buy a Winterhoff WW-8 ball coupling - E DMC 800 KG, Winterhoff WW-8 ball coupling - A DMC 800 KG (tube) or Winterhoff WW-8 - triangle visit our store. The catalog of products on sale also contains all kinds of hinges, side hooks with Winterhoff side fasteners and a smaller caliber of the cybanty. The more frequently used elements are the trailer hook socket adapter, that is, the adapter from 13 pins to 7 pins. Also on sale is a trailer plug 7 pole in a 7-pin plastic housing. More additional elements of the trailer and accessories can be found on the subpages of the products, specifically Neptun trailers.

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Blog was created so that every reader could better get acquainted with what is involved in the purchase and possession of a car trailer and caravan. There will also be guides for fans of caravans and traveling around the globe.
Start to follow the social profiles and visit the shop located in the town of Przygoń, Łąkowa 3 street (Łódź province). The commercial point is located next to the gas station on the provincial road No. 482. Not far away there is the S8 expressway - the fastest access from Wrocław: take the Teodora junction and turn towards Łask, and from Łask go to Pabianice. When driving S8 from the Warsaw side, turn at Róża junction heading for Łódź. At the next junction you have to turn towards Łask - Sieradz. The detailed location of the TrailersMarter store has been marked on the Google map.
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