How to register a caravans or car trailers and cheaply insure?

Marcin Jankowski  •  21/February/2018 (03:29), update 23/April/2018 (11:51)
According to the Polish traffic regulations, each new car trailer must be registered in the Department of Communication and also mandatory, its owner, must also take out civil liability insurance for her. Depending on the size of the town, and hence, the intensity of applicants in particular Communication Departments where new vehicles are registered, this process can take only one day but also the waiting time can be up to several days to receive a temporary registration document and registration plate. Some offices are not in a hurry and have to wait for the owners on their turn ... Despite this little optimistic admission, the very process of registering a new caravan is running quite smoothly and you should not be afraid of it at all!

What are the Registration Documents required and how much are the fees for issuing the registration certificate and the plate?

Going to the heart of the problem. If you have already decided to purchase a specific caravan from your chosen sales representative, it is time for some necessary formalities to be able to transport it at home or in your own company.

When you buy a new caravan or car trailer - lightweight up to 750 kg or heavy - we get from the seller a minimum of three documents that are required when registering a vehicle (caravan, caravan or car). These are: first of all, a purchase document such as VAT invoice (also for non-entrepreneurs), EU Certificate of Conformity (homologation) and Data declaration and vehicle information necessary for vehicle registration and records.

It is important that the VAT invoice, in the case of a civilian, includes the address details from the ID card, including the PESEL number. In addition, the manufacturer also includes the VIN number, model, year of production and allowable total weight. Alternatively, you can add a personal ID number in the notes, which will not be a mistake. Without such a completed purchase document, our trailer will not be registered! You can be comforted that everything depends on what official we will find ...

The next two documents, such as the Declaration and the Compliance Certificate, are already prepared by the caravan manufacturer eg: Neptun, Wiola, Tema or others. As to their correctness, we can be 100% sure. There are very detailed technical specifications of our caravan, such as type (eg light trailer), permissible total weight, year of production, curb weight, detailed dimensions and etc.

In every possible article, which I publish on this blog, I mention an important issue which is choosing a trailer with the appropriate DMC that we can tow our car. In order to check the limits, find these values in the registration certificate of the vehicle with the hook. In position O.1 we have driven allowable gross vehicle weight with overrun brake and in O.2 without brake.

Registration costs of the Trailer and its liability insurance (Transport)

Having the above-mentioned documents, we then go to the Department of Communication in the sub region chief, according to its territorial dependence for our registered address. This rule also applies to owners of car trailers that have been purchased for a company (a single business activity because in this case the vehicle is registered as a private person). The cost of registering a caravan with all fees (issue of registration plate + proof) is PLN 121.50. Initially we receive temporary proof, with which we can ride without hindrance and after about 30 days we receive, in the same Department, hard evidence. As I mentioned at the beginning, the trailer registration process can take one day, but also a few days depending on the Office and the rules that prevail in it...

In the case of light car trailers, i.e. with a maximum gross weight of up to 750 kg, we do not need to perform periodic technical inspections. Such a review, from the office, is stuck in the registration document of the vehicle.

The last activity that we have to perform after the registration of the new trailer is to buy motor insurance, which is usually valid for a year. Here, prices depend on a particular insurer but are at the level of 50 - 60 PLN.

Rules for Moving with Auto and a Car Trailer on Public Roads

If you have all the formalities behind you, it's time to get to know a few basic rules that apply on the roads. Although this may seem like a cliché which I will write now, one of the most important and very practical things is the efficient lighting of the trailer - low beam, stop light and driving light. Their lack may lead to a collision, not even because of your fault, but by other distracted drivers who do not read your plans. From my own experience, I know that in many cases, it happens that the plug on the car hook and the trailer do not interact with each other.

Another thing I pay attention to is speed limits in Poland. They differ slightly if we are moving a set of vehicles. And in built-up areas, the maximum speed is 50/60 km/h, respectively, from 5:00 to 23:00 and second speed from 23:00 to 5:00. In addition to built-up areas, we can drive at a maximum speed of 70 km/h. However, on two roadways, expressways and motorways, the speed limit has been increased to 80 km/h. Similar regulations apply in other European countries, with some differences.

I will certainly surprise you with one, but important curiosity. When towing a caravan, we are required to have two warning triangles. This is in case it turns out that you have to unhitch the trailer from the car and leave it inoperable, alone on the road.

When driving a caravan with a tarpaulin we must consider a small but noticeable limitation. In many cases, the total height of a tarpaulin trailer exceeds the height of the car and when it comes to driving, there is air resistance, which in part affects combustion.

Car Trailer: How To Choose The Best Model For Our Needs

Starting the garden season at home, working in your own farm, or carrying regular large-size goods in your company, with time you came to the conclusion that you need to buy a new caravan (semi-trailer, goods trailer, farm trailer) ?! In such a moment you should know what to look for when buying, because there are many manufacturers on the market who offer very different models of trailers - small, large, box, platform, single-axle or two-axle ... At first such a large selection can make a small difference dizziness. Therefore, later in this article, I will try to explain all practical aspects of buying a goods trailer.

Price of the Car Trailer and its Quality of Workmanship and Strength. Every day we make purchases, and from my own experience I know that in most cases we are guided by a low price, corresponding to our budget. This is not always the way it should be, because then we complain about the fruitless purchase of a product with low value and at the same time low productivity at work. Having the ability to compare the usability of trailers, listen to the opinions of people renting vehicles, I know that more attention should be paid to the construction of a freight trailer because it depends largely on its value ... not only in financial aspect but also functional and endurance (which it is very important in the long-term).

Each caravan has a very similar construction to each other - no matter what manufacturers we compare to each other. We usually have one or two axles on which a frame with a tow bar is attached, and a load box is mounted on the frame, or if we have a more specialized trailer - these can be gutters for motorcycles or boat accessories. To this end, we can equip our trailer with various accessories such as a support wheel, tarpaulin, spare wheel and several other more or less practical accessories.

Why did I pay attention to the construction from the very beginning? Because a lot of people buy car trailers in popular supermarkets. They have, of course, a low price, compared to trailers sold with different representatives, and in addition usually have already installed accessories in the form of a tarpaulin or support wheel. But as usual, it happens in trade, there is nothing for free. So this difference in price must be saved somewhere. Speaking directly in trailers from the market, for example, there are no holders for fixing inside the box or one crossbeam is missing in the frame from the bottom. In addition, you can still save on the thickness of sheet metal and construction profiles. I am not saying that such a situation happens in all cases, but I managed to observe such situations. Of course, in this case, the car trailer has a low own weight and a higher payload (of course in documents).

I personally am a supporter of car trailers, which are additionally fitted with shock absorbers and leaf springs. Thanks to this, driving with such a semi-trailer even empty, we do not experience her jumping behind the car. Also when traveling with goods, the vehicle will run smoothly, almost without feeling that we are towing a trailer.

Looking through various thematic forums, you can find complaints from owners of new trailers who complain about the "jumping" situation. This is due to the fact that the vehicle is on a rigid axle and in addition has a low own weight around 100 - 150 kg. A big addition in the construction of the trailer will be the frame and drawbar made of closed profiles and not in the shape of C. With such solutions automatically its own weight increases and the payload is reduced and in documents we will have entered about 500 KG but the actual lifting capacity will be close to 1 000 kg .

And we are already going to the most important thing, that is to the price of such a caravan. Models equipped with the mentioned solutions cost about PLN 3 - 4,000. Now compare the price of the trailer from the "supermarket", which costs about PLN 1 800 with a tarpaulin and accessories ...

In the pictures you have, a caravan that has been regularly rented for almost two years, which is why you can see various dents and dirt in the pictures. I made the decision to document the article with such photos and not a new trailer to be reliable. This trailer works 100% because during this period I did not have to do anything near them, after the inspection and in addition, customers giving the vehicle also express their opinions on towing the vehicle.

When reviewing the offers of caravans or camping trailers, before the final decision, also read the article What trailer can be pulled on category B, where in a simple and clear way I described the rules of traveling with caravans and cars based on Polish law.

And what are your experiences after buying a new caravan? You registered your new vehicle fairly quickly? I am waiting for your comments! I also encourage you to follow my social profile on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You will find them very easily because all of them are promoted with the following brand TrailersMarter. Thanks to this, you will be the first to learn about all the new products on this blog and in the store. At the end, I encourage all readers who are interested in buying a new car trailer to check the available products in the station's store, PrzyczepyMarter.

This is the automatic translation of the article into English. The original version of the guide has been published in the Polish language version.
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